Download DLTCAD 2018 R3.3 full license

Download DLTCAD 2018 R3.3 full license


It is an Electrical Power Distribution and Transmission Line Design software that automates the entire design process from a mechanical and electrical point of view.

DLTCAD is the name of engineering and specialized software in the field of design and simulation of power transmission lines. In fact, this software can be called as the most complete and powerful software tool for designing power distribution and transmission lines. With the help of this product, you can simulate the whole process of your design mechanically and electrically. Using advanced algorithms, this software is able to perform your engineering and complex calculations automatically and then provide you with the necessary conditions for modeling in graphic view.

The high compatibility of DLT-CAD software allows you to perform your calculations and simulations at all voltage levels. With this product, you can calculate and model medium voltage lines (MT) to high voltage lines (MAT). You can also upload your information and calculations via Excel or Google Earth files when using this software. After performing the necessary calculations and simulations, you can easily extract the output of your project in the form of an AutoCAD file.

The very simple and convenient graphical interface in this program also makes it possible for you to use this product better than ever. Also, all operations such as identifying, editing, moving, deleting and adding elements will be easily possible. The software is also able to provide you with very detailed custom reports for each of your projects.

DLTCAD software features:

  • Visual graphical interface and very convenient for work
  • It makes it possible to perform complex engineering calculations automatically
  • Benefit from a large database with editing capabilities
  • Provide accurate and customized reports of your work done in this program
  • Ability to perform multiple electrical and mechanical calculations simultaneously
  • Ability to upload data from Excel and Google Earth files
  • Ability to save your projects in Excel file format and export them to Google Earth
  • And…

DLTCAD  required system

Operating Systems
Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows XP
Recommended Hardware
Memory: 256 MB
Disk space: 30 MB

Download DLTCAD 2018 R3.3 full license

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Download DLTCAD 2018 R3.3 full license

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DLTCAD 2018 R3.3

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