CurveExpert professional 2.5.6

Download CurveExpert professional 2.5.6

CurveExpert professional

CurveExpert Professional is a cross-platform software for curving and analyzing data. Data can be designed using a toolbox of linear, nonlinear regression models, smoothing methods, or a variety of narrow bands. There are more than 90 built-in models available, but custom regression models can be defined by the user. The process of finding the best place by allowing CurveExpert to compare data to each model, to choose the best curve can be automatic. This software is designed to produce high quality results and get output and save time in the process.

Features and features of CurveExpert Professional software:

  • Multi-platform: Run on Windows, Mac and Linux. Files stored between operating systems are portable
  • Easy to use interface: It’s very difficult to use most math programs. CurveExpert has a visual interface that allows you to import your files and generate results. In fact, with four clicks you can import your files into the program.
  • Powerful file input: Data files come in many shapes and sizes, and CurveExpert makes it very easy to import files.
  • Multiple variables: Linear and nonlinear regression can be calculated for a data set with multiple independent variables, without any restrictions.
  • Built-in models: More than 90 non-linear, built-in models with high quality and automatic guessing are available for use.
  • Custom Models: Define a model using a very large library built into mathematical functions
  • Ranking of results: Ranking of results by your choice automatically

Download CurveExpert professional 2.5.6

Download CurveExpert professional 2.5.6

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