Download CSIDetail 18.1.1 Build 1050 + CSI Detailing v3.1 full free

Download CSiDetail v18 – CSI Detailing v3.1


CSiDetail is an integrated and interactive software product for generating detailing output, such as detailed views, drawings, bills of materials (BOM), and bills of quantities (BOQ) from ETABS models

CSiDetail creates a detailed model of the structure, based on its analysis model and the design process carried out in ETABS. It automatically generates views and drawings that can be used as the basis for preparing final engineering drawings, as well as BIM files for use in BIM tools. Detailing can be carried out both for concrete and steel buildings

Detailing is carried out based on an extensive set of preferences and rules to control bar-size selection, spacing, curtailment, and placement

Download CSiDetail v18.1.1 – CSI Detailing v3.1 full free

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Download CSIDetail 18.1.1 Build 1050 x64


Download CSI Detailing 2018 v3.1 (Supported ETABS 2016, 17 and SAP2000 v20)


Download CSI Detailing 2.0


pass unrar: 2020 or

install CSiDetail v18

see the readme file

Xem file readme đính kèm

– Install app

– Disable option ‘Perform native image generation …’ while installing.

– Run Detail_v18_kg.exe

– A license file (lservrc) will be generated.

– Copy both generated above license and applied emulator (SentinelRMSCore.dll) to the folders:
<installdir> and <installdir>\CSi\Licensing\

NOTE: program has to be ONLINE (has access to the internet) otherwise program will not even start

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