Download CLC Genomics Workbench 12.0 full license

Download CLC Genomics Workbench 12.0 full license

CLC Genomics Workbench

CLC Genomics Workbench is a comprehensive analysis package for the analysis and visualization of data from all major next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms. The workbench supports and seamlessly integrates into a typical NGS workflow. CLC Genomics Workbench is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms.

Incorporating cutting-edge technology and algorithms, CLC Genomics Workbench supports key next-generation sequencing features within genomics, transcriptomics, and epigenomics research fields. Additionally, it includes all the classical analysis tools of CLC Main Workbench.For more information,visit

CLC Genomics Workbench is used for genomics, transcriptomics, and epigenomics research. It includes, for example, unique read mapping and de novo assembly features, and applications for resequencing, workflows, ChIP-seq, and RNA-seq

For analyzing, comparing, and visualizing next-generation sequencing data
  • Cross-platform desktop application with an intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Incorporates cutting-edge technology and algorithms
  • Includes numerous features in genomics, transcriptomics, and epigenomics
  • Supports all major next-generation sequencing platforms

Download CLC Genomics Workbench 12.0 full llicense

download CLC Genomics Workbench 12.0, CLC Genomics Workbench 20.0

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install CLC Genomics Workbench

view the readme file

CLC Genomics Workbench 20 full crack
CLC Genomics Workbench 20 full crack


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