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ClarityChrom application data management chromatography (chromatography data system – CDS) is. This software, while easy to use, is very powerful and enables you to control the tools you need and get and process work data. Full control of LC (liquid chromatography) and automatic sampling and support for a wide range of chromatographic instruments, setting a maximum of 12 detectors (channels) for each system and support for preparative chromatography are other features of this program.

This program provides all the necessary operations for an analytical laboratory. Also, the necessary performance to support the component process (fractionation) and several drivers for some devices that collect this process are also included in this program. In general, this program is the best solution for laboratories that are looking for an up-to-date yet powerful program, with support from various corporate devices and flexible against new devices. Providing multiple optional modules has made the software easily expandable. Support for gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and PDAs. Also, with the help of the system suitability test plugin, or SST for short, you can assess the acceptability and suitability of your system.

Features and specifications of ClarityChrom

  • CDS software is full of features and at the same time simple
  • Full LC support and auto sampling
  • Supports a wide range of chromatographic instruments and devices
  • Ability to set a maximum of 12 channels for the system
  • Provide a variety of modules and plugins to increase program performance

required system

Windws 7 / 8.1 / 10

Download ClarityChrom 

Download ClarityChrom


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