Isotropix Clarisse v5.0 SP14 windows/ v5.0 SP7 macOS

Download Isotropix Clarisse v5.0

Isotropix Clarisse iFX

Clarisse iFX is a powerful CG toolset trusted by internationally renowned creative studios.
Built by artists for artists, it is designed to simplify today’s complex creative workflows, empowering users with interactivity, speed and power over datasets containing bazillions of polygons.

Created in response to feedback from today’s front-line CG creatives, Clarisse iFX unifies powerful rendering, lighting and look development tools under a single, accessible package. Thanks to its integrated CPU based rendering engine, based on unidirectional path-tracing users can work interactivately on rich, data-heavy environments, scenes and assets, with full visibility over their creative decision-making.

Clarisse iFX fits seamlessly into the core of any modern production pipeline.
It’s an intuitive, flexible and comprehensive toolset tailored to the needs of studios and production teams working in CG today

Download Isotropix Clarisse v5.0

Download Isotropix Clarisse iFX / Builder / PLE v5.0 SP14 x64

Download Isotropix Clarisse v5.0 SP7 MACOSX

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Install Clarisse iFX

1. Install

2. Replace files in your install dir

3. Make sure that the license type is set to “Floating” in the licman app!