Aurel Systems CADSIM Plus 3.2.2

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Aurel Systems CADSIM Plus

CADSIM Plus is chemical process simulation software that can perform mass and energy balances and simulate dynamic conditions. It is a first-principles dynamic chemical process simulator and a full-featured Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) front-end in one package. CADSIM Plus includes a comprehensive set of generic process modules and has a number of optional module libraries for various applications.

CADSIM Plus performs precise heat and material balances of any chemical process. It can also be used to develop complex dynamic simulations with control logic and batch operations. Here is a partial list of applications:

  • Designing a process
  • Finding solutions for process bottlenecks
  • Tracking product grade changes
  • Energy Tracking
  • Identifying process and operation problems
  • Reducing energy and/or materials usage
  • Improving process efficiency
  • Online Dynamic Data Reconciliation
  • Real-time optimization
  • Advanced process control

Download Aurel Systems CADSIM Plus 3.2.2

Download CADSIM Plus 3.2.2

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