Bella Render v20.7.0.0 (Rhino 6 / Shetchup 2017-2020 / Maya 2018-2019)

Bella Render v20.7.0.0 for Rhino 6 / Shetchup / Maya free download

Bella Render


Bella is a state of the art spectral renderer, built from the ground up to achieve unmatched realism.

By adhering to a physics-based approach, it not only produces truly photographic images, but does so with a predictability that both simplifies use, and enhances productivity.

Through its flexible node system, and its intuitive physically-based material and camera models, Bella seeks to help you unlock your true potential as a digital artist & photographer

FEATURES of Bella Render

Bella is a spectral render engine which models the complexities of optical physics in ways that are both as correct as possible, and which are yet made intuitive and accessible.

Simplicity is a key focus of Bella. The Bella solvers have no obscure non-physical parameters, such that there is very little to learn, and very little trial and error involved in rendering any particular scene


Download Bella Render v20.7.0.0 for Rhino 6 / Shetchup / Maya

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Bella Render v20.7.0.0 (Rhino 6 / Shetchup 2017-2020 / Maya 2018-2019)



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Ung ho

Cài đặt Bella Render v20

1.- Install Bella Gui (Standalone), Bella for Sketchup or Bella for Rhino

2.- Copy Patched file into folder

Bella GUI: (Standalone)
C:\Program Files\Diffuse Logic\Bella GUI\

C:\Users\YOUUSER\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2020\SketchUp\Plugins\bella\bella\

C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\bella_rhino\bella\

Maya 2018:

Maya 2019: