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what is new in Netfabb

The new release, Netfabb 2021, offers a number of new features, including improved build controls and greater support for metal Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) and Directed Energy Deposition (DED).

The use of new 3D packing methods in Netfabb 2021 has reportedly been made possible with two new algorithms, which increase packing density for processes that don’t require support structures, such as Binder Jetting (BJT).

Using these new 3D packing methods, a size sorting algorithm prioritises large parts for the centre of the build platform while filling the remaining volume with smaller objects, while a gravity algorithm uses a physics-based engine to simulate gravity and packs parts more closely.

Netfabb 2021 also offers advanced toolpath features. New hexagonal hatch patterns are said to help balance thermal input and build quality, and smoke simulation of slice data from SLM Solutions and Renishaw helps identify areas where the smoke plume may interfere with the laser path, causing deflections that jeopardise build quality. The new release allows users to control toolpath vectors based on an external input, such as process simulation results.

Simulation Utility

  1. New processing parameter (PRM) files:
    • Additive Industries MetalFAB1 Inconel 718 40 µm
    • EOS Inconel 718 M290
  2. Mesh size limits increased for Simulation Utility LT
    • Number of nodes increased from 500,000 to 5 million
    • Layer-nodes increased from 20 million to 200 million
  3. New Additional Workflow Tutorial A1

Local Simulation

  1. Directed Energy Deposition Compensation
  2. Input/Output
    • Two new cards have been added to allow viewing simulation results on the warped or compensated STL:
      • *OVTK outputs a .vtk file during distort_stl, in additional to the warped .stl.
      • *AVTK is used in conjunction with *OVTK, and outputs ASCII-coded .vtk files when executing distort_stl.
  3. Part Level Powder Bed Modeling
    • Two new cards have been created to improve the homogenization of vertices with large numbers of vertices:
      • *MNHV overrides the default maximum number of vertices to homogenize.
      • *NSTP skips the pseudo-random vertex reading during homogenization

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