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Autodesk CFD

Autodesk CFD software provides fast,  accurate, and flexible fluid flow and thermal simulation tools to help predict product performance, optimize designs, and validate product behavior before building and construction – minimizing reliance on costly physical prototypes and helping you get innovative products to market faster.

CFD helps model your air flow pattern deficiencies

Find opportunities for improvement across a variety of environments

  • Thermal Comfort and natural ventalationUnderstanding indoor and outdoor temperture gradients to allow design to optimize pedestrian comfort. 
  • Energy OptimizationCFD analysis can help to virtually optimize energy consumption. For example, data centers and server rooms can be a source of wasted cooling efforts and costs. This cost can be reduced with optimal layout and use of MEP configuration and HVAC. 
  • Indoor Air QualityCFD allows you yo assess and improve indoor air quality or IAQ, to ensure that the air within all occupied areas of a building is replaced with the minimum number of air changes per hour, ensuring that no stale air, VOCs, C02 or other naturally occurring pollutants build up in the space, particularly during winter months.
  • Outdoor to Indoor Pollution ControlExamine pollution re-entrainment and particulate tracking at indoor to outdoor interfaces such as shipping docks, garages, and building top helicopter landing pads. 

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