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Altium Designer

Industry leading PCB design software that empowers users to design boards without limits—from single PCB to multi-board systems; from low frequency to high-speed; from logical design to physical board and bill of materials.

What is new in Altium Designer 22.0

Schematic Capture Improvements

Cross-Selection for Sheet Entries and PDF Outputs

Adding cross-references to the project allows you to easily follow the connective flow of nets between the schematic sheets in a project. In this release, the support for automatically creating and updating cross-references has been extended for the Sheet Entry objects.

PCB Design Improvements

New ‘Gloss And Retrace’ Panel and Preferences Page

To give you greater control over the glossing process, a new Gloss And Retrace panel has been introduced for configuring options for the Route » Gloss Selected and Route » Retrace Selected commands. This new panel can be used to set the gloss and retrace parameters that work best for the selected routing that you are currently glossing or retracing in your design.

IPC-4761 Support Enhancements

The IPC-4761 Via Types support has been extended in this release

New layers are available for the following outputs:

  • PCB printouts
  • Gerber and Gerber X2
  • ODB++
  • IPC-2581

Automatic Update of Designators in Design Rules

Changes made to PCB component designators did not previously update custom, designator-specific design rules. They had to be updated manually. Enabling this new feature changes references in design rules when PCB component designators are: reannotated; updated by an ECO; or manually edited on the board.

Pad Entry and Exit Enhancements

Because of their small physical dimensions, routing in and out of surface mount devices is often dense and complex. In previous versions of the software, if the SMD rules could not be observed, for example, the required ‘distance to corner’ was not available; the router would fail to place any track segments (as shown in the video below). To improve the pad entry and exit behavior, the following improvements are available:

  • Once the pad has been exited, the route is kept away from the pad. The software no longer allows the route to re-enter the pad and then re-exit without regard to the SMD rules.
  • SMD rules are ignored if the pad exit is blocked (they are already ignored during pad entry in this situation). Note that if there is a pad exit available that does not violate the SMD to corner rule, that exit will be used.
  • Miters are no longer created in violation of SMD rules. The software favors the SMD to corner rule over the miter, allowing the miter to collapse to zero if required.
  • Stubs that follow the SMD rules are now created in Any Angle routing mode. In this mode, once the first track segment has been placed arcs will be included in the corners. If you need an arc in the first corner, place the exit stub before attempting to create a corner.

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Download Altium Designer 22

Download Altium Designer 22.0.2 Build 36

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