Download Altium Designer 21.0.9 BUILD 235

Download Altium Designer 21

Altium Designer 21

Industry leading PCB design software that empowers users to design boards without limits—from single PCB to multi-board systems; from low frequency to high-speed; from logical design to physical board and bill of materials.

What is new in Altium Designer 21?


Download Altium Designer 21

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Download Altium Designer 21


Password extract file: 2020

Download guide / Hướng dẫn tải phần mềm

install Altium Designer 21

see the readme file

Composition of the archive:
shfolder.dll – the crack itself, a small dll that is put in a folder
with executable module.

ADLicenseGen.exe – license generator

Licenses – Correct License Kits for AD20 Standalone

In the case of a clean installation:
1. Install Altium Designer 21 (x64).

2. Copy shfolder.dll to the folder where the executable module is located: X2.EXE
usually here: C:\ Program Files\ Altium \ AD21\

3. Launch the application and use the supplied “correct” licenses.
Naturally, you can generate / edit your licenses,
using attached as templates.

If you already have your “favorite” licenses
Fix them using a generator:
1. Download the license (Load …).
You can simply drag and drop the license file into the generator window.

2. Retain the license (Export As …)

In case you need to remove the medicine:
1. Close the application (AD).
2. Remove the crack: shfolder.dll

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