DipTrace + 3D Libraries free download

DipTrace + 3D Libraries free download


DipTrace là một phần mềm EDA / CAD để thiết kế PCB, có 4 modules:

  1. Schematic Capture
  2. PCB Layout
  3. Library Creation
  4. 3D Modeling

DipTrace is quality Schematic Capture and PCB Design software that offers everything to create simple or complex multi-layer boards from schematic to manufacturing files.

DipTrace – PCB Design software. DipTrace has 4 modules: schematic capture editor, PCB layout editor with built-in shape-based autorouter and 3D-preview & export, component editor, and pattern editor.

DipTrace is first of its kind intuitive CAD software, featuring

  • Easy to learn User Interface
  • Multi-sheet and hierarchical schematics
  • Shape-based autorouter
  • Smart manual routing tools
  • Wide import/export capabilities
  • High-speed signaling
  • Advanced verifications and Real-time DRC
  • Real-time 3D PCB preview & STEP export
  • Manufacturing output
  • Commitment to the future

Download DipTrace + 3D Libraries

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Download DipTrace + 3D Libraries


pass unrar: thuthuat-phanmem.top

install DipTrace 4.0

view the readme file

* install app (x32/x64)

* Backup .exe files

* Copy cracked .exe files to DipTrace folder

* If you’ve any valid license (l4c.dat file), delete it

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