Download DIgSILENT PowerFactory 2021

DIgSILENT PowerFactory 2021


PowerFactory is a leading power system analysis software application for use in analysing generation, transmission, distribution and industrial systems.

It covers the full range of functionality from standard features to highly sophisticated and advanced applications including windpower, distributed generation, real-time simulation and performance monitoring for system testing and supervision.

PowerFactory is easy to use, fully Windows compatible and combines reliable and flexible system modelling capabilities with state-of-the-art algorithms and a unique database concept. Also, with its flexibility for scripting and interfacing, PowerFactory is perfectly suited to highly automated and integrated solutions in your business applications.

DIgSILENT PowerFactory offers a range of load flow calculation methods, including a full AC Newton-Raphson technique (balanced and unbalanced) and a linear DC method. The enhanced non-decoupled Newton-Raphson solution technique with current or power mismatch iterations, typically yields round-off errors below 1 kVA for all buses. The implemented algorithms exhibit excellent stability and convergence. Several iteration levels guarantee convergence under all conditions, with optional automatic relaxation and modification of constraints. The DC load flow, solving for active power flows and voltage angles, is extremely fast and robust (linear system; no iterations required).

  • Balanced and unbalanced load flow for coupled AC and DC grids
  • Meshed DC supergrid load flow analysis
  • State-of-the-art numerical solvers for fast and robust convergence from arbitrary starting-points
  • Active/reactive power and voltage regulation options, such as SVC, shunt and tap controllers
  • Station- and network control features, including Q(U)-, cosphi(P)-, Q(P)-, and droop characteristics
  • Local- and remote control options
  • Secondary and primary control, inertial response
  • Distributed slack by load and generation, including interchange schedules
  • Consideration of active and reactive power limits, including (voltage-dependent) generator capability curves
  • Accurate modelling of induction machines
  • Voltage dependent load models
  • User-definable load flow controller models
  • Simple load/generation scaling, as well as automated feeder load scaling (balanced and unbalanced)
  • Determination of “power at risk”
  • Consideration of temperature dependency

Download DIgSILENT PowerFactory 2021

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Download DIgSILENT PowerFactory 2021


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Download DIgSILENT PowerFactory v15.1.7

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