Download DameWare Remote Support

DameWare Remote Support 12 free download

DameWare Remote Support

Remote control and systems management tools in one easy-to-use package

Key Features

  • Fast and secure remote control
  • Anywhere, anytime remote assistance
  • Simplify Windows administration
  • Built-in remote admin tools
  • Deliver remote support from iOS and Android devices
  • Remotely manage Active Directory environments

New features and improvements in Dameware

Dameware 12.2 offers new features and improvements compared to previous releases of Dameware.

  • Dameware 12.2 provides enhanced security over Dameware 12.1.2.
  • The HTTPS Strict Transport Security header is now included in the Dameware proxy server.
  • Starting with Dameware 12.2, TLS 1.1 is deprecated, so only TLS 1.2 or later versions are supported.
  • Dameware now supports Microsoft Windows Server 2019.

Dameware 12.2 system requirements

There are two versions of Dameware system requirements—one for Dameware centralized mode installations and one for Dameware stand-alone mode installations.

Click the version that you want to see the requirements for:

Download DameWare Remote Support 12

Download DameWare Remote Support 12

Download DameWare Remote Control 12

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