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PTC Creo is one of the very powerful and famous software in the CAD/CAM/CNC field. Creo serves very well for the mechanical mold industry (design and processing) such as stamping molds, forging molds, plastic molds…

Creo 5 software helps to solve from the beginning to the end of the design and manufacture of products accurately and efficiently, especially minimizing product costs.

Creo 5 is a flexible software that allows users to edit designs, has the ability to communicate with other software’s designs, and also supports mold design and analysis and evaluation in the process. fabrication process.

There is now a creo 9 version, you can download the latest CREO 9 software here

Download PTC CREO + Help center

Download PTC CREO  + Help Center


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install CREO 5

1. Copy folder “PTC.LICENSE.WINDOWS.2019-02-01-SSQ” to temporary directory
and run “FillLicense.bat”. The “PTC_D_SSQ.dat” file near batch script
contains the license file with correct PTC HOSTID will be generated

Copy generated license file to folder of choice (for example, C:\Program Files\PTC)

2. Create enviroment variable PTC_D_LICENSE_FILE=<full path to PTC_D_SSQ.dat>

3. Install PTC Creo Win64 and PTC Mathcad Prime Win64 (optional)

4. Copy folders “Distributed Services Manager” and “Common Files” from
“Creo” folder to <Creo progdir>
(by default C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo\ ) with overwrite

5. Replace original <Mathcad Prime program folder>
(by default C:\Program Files\PTC\Mathcad Prime ) with cr@cked one

6. Run “SolidSQUADLoaderEnabler.reg” and confirm to add info into Windows Registry