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what is new in Creo 10

New features and functionality

Creo composites

You can now use Creo to design with composite materials to ensure a strong, but lightweight product. There are several features, including ply definitions, flat ply contours, and automated ply book generation. Create solid geometry representing the composite shape with accurate mass properties of the resulting geometry.

Creo electrification

Electrification is becoming a key initiative for many industries. Creo has a new, dedicated cabling tree and improved design tools for routed systems to help you create and manage harness assemblies. The Split/Merge Harness Tool enables collaboration and reuse of sub-harness assemblies. ECAD capabilities have been extended, including import of paste masks and better handling of ECAD hole parameters, resulting in better integration, collaboration, and visibility of PCBs in MCAD design.

Design for ergonomics

Since human beings don’t come in one shape or size, enhancements to Creo allow you to account for the range of movement, field of vision, and uniqueness of users. The visual field features now performs a reflection analysis, and manikins now support multiple reach envelopes.

MBD, GD&T, and EZ Tolerance

Creo now gives you powerful, model-based definition tools to provide greater clarity with less effort. Now you can relate a symbol or a surface finish annotation to other annotations in the 3D model. GD&T Advisor and EZ Tolerance have been further improved for enhanced usability, productivity, and compliance with standards.

Simulation-driven design

Creo includes new simulation-driven design capabilities, like our Creo Ansys Simulation Advanced, which includes support for nonlinear materials. Creo Simulation Live now includes contact simulation options, and improved fluid and structure result options. Creo Flow Analysis and Creo Simulate have also been enhanced with better animation and multibody support, respectively. In addition, generative design has been improved with new features, including rotational symmetry, remote loads, and mass point constraints.

Additive and subtractive manufacturing

Creo has improvements for both additive and subtractive manufacturing. For additive manufacturing, new beam-based and formula-driven lattices are now available. And for traditional subtractive manufacturing, high-speed milling now saves machining time with support for barrel tools on specialized floor and wall finishing NC sequences.

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Download PTC Creo + HelpCenter + Manikin Libraries

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