Bentley Substation V8i SS8 v08.11.13.140 Update 2

Bentley Substation V8i free download

Bentley Substation

Designing or upgrading an electric substation is a complex task that combines the placement of physical objects and the distribution and control of electrical power.

Produce greenfield and brownfield designs up to 40 percent faster with OpenUtilities Substation. Speed project collaboration and coordination with the only software that lets you unite electrical and physical design. Avoid rework, reduce errors, and enhance collaboration with linked and cross-referenced 3D layouts and electrical drawings. Capture best practices and enforce standards with automatic error checks, bills of material, and construction prints.Maximize efficiencies when your project moves beyond the design phase.

  • Speed construction and enhance operations by sharing the 3D model produced in OpenUtilities Substation.
  • Use OpenUtilities Substation with other Bentley products to address and improve the whole asset lifecycle. 
  • Join utilities and EPCs worldwide that achieve lower costs and better quality with OpenUtilities Substation.

Download Bentley Substation V8i

Download Bentley Substation V8i SS8 v08.11.13.140 Update 2

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