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Bentley OpenCities Map

Bentley OpenCities Map is a fully featured GIS and mapping platform. The software also supports 2D / 3D modeling with the ability to process data of any volume.

  • Visualization of reality in 3D.
  • Integrate engineering data, survey data, point clouds and digital imagery to create and update high-precision 3D information models and city databases. Automatic creation of three-dimensional “reality grids” of cities.
  • 2D and 3D spatial analysis.
  • Creation of scalable terrain models.
  • Development of custom GIS applications.
  • Entering data in native Esri formats.
  • Entering information from geospatial databases.
  • City 3D model management.
  • Geospatial information management.
  • Management of cadastral data and site information.
  • Modeling geospatial objects.
  • Creation of animations and visualizations.
  • Cartographic work.
  • Execution of bitmaps.
  • Registration of vector and raster images.
  • Visualization and editing of reality models.

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