Aquaveo Groundwater Modeling System(GMS) Premium 10.5.12

Aquaveo GMS Premium 10.5 free download

 Aquaveo GMS

GMS (Groundwater Modeling System) is water modeling application for building and simulating groundwater models from Aquaveo. It features 2D and 3D geostatistics, stratigraphic modeling and a unique conceptual model approach. Currently supported models include MODFLOW, MODPATH, MT3DMS, RT3D, FEMWATER, SEEP2D, and UTEXAS.

GMS – Groundwater Modeling System là ứng dụng mô hình nước để xây dựng và mô phỏng các mô hình nước ngầm từ Aquaveo. Nó có tính năng địa lý 2D và 3D, mô hình địa tầng và cách tiếp cận mô hình khái niệm độc đáo. Các mô hình được hỗ trợ hiện tại bao gồm MODFLOW, MODPATH, MT3DMS, RT3D, FEMWATER, SEEP2D và UTEXAS

Features and specifications of Aquaveo GMS software

  •  Simple and efficient user interface with high usability
  • Proper interaction with 3D models
  • Improve graphics processing using OpenGL technology
  • Realistic rendering and creation of realistic images of the model
  • Ability to take notes anywhere in the project, whether in the form of text, image, logo and…
  • Import and export with different formats such as dxf, dgn, dwg and image formats and GIS and….
  • Groundwater simulation tools with advanced statistical analysis capabilities
  • Step-by-step guide to get acquainted with different parts of the program
  • Online and active user community to answer questions

Download Aquaveo GMS Premium 10.5

Download Aquaveo Groundwater Modeling System 10.5.12

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