Download anyLogistix 2.10.1 full license

Download anyLogistix 2.10.1 full license


AnyLogistix is ​​a supply chain analysis software that provides the ability to design, optimize, and analyze a company’s supply chain. The software, developed by AnyLogic, is also abbreviated ALX.

A supply chain is a network of vendors, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers who work together to produce a product and deliver it to the end user. By combining optimization and analytical methods with dynamic simulation technologies, this software allows you to design and analyze your company’s supply chain using a powerful set of tools.

Anylogistix Studio software contains dynamic analysis and simulation tools that deliver accurate models and effective analysis to you. Each company has its own unique supply chain; this software allows you to model chains as they are and accurately describe their rules and restrictions. Ambiguity and risk analysis are other features of ALX, and it is possible to visualize and model the supply chain slide.

Features of anyLogistix

  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Design, optimize, and analyze a company’s supply chain
  • Using dynamic simulation technology
  • Delivery of accurate models and effective analysis
  • Accurate modeling of supply chains
  • Analysis of ambiguities and risks
  • Visualize and model slides
  • Measure all dimensions

required system 

Microsoft Windows 10 x64

Microsoft Windows 8 x64

Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 x64

ALX installation requires 1.3 GB of free disk space.

We recommend no less than 8GB of memory and a modern processor for optimal performance.

Java 2 Standard Edition 10.0 or later is needed to run the ALX model development environment.

An Internet connection is required.

JRE is included in the ALX installation package.

Download anyLogistix 2.10.1

phần mềm anyLogistix 2.10.1, download  anyLogistix 2.10.1

Download anyLogistix 2.10.1 x64


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install anyLogistix 2.10.1

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