Altium NEXUS 4.0.9 Build 70 / Server

Download Altium NEXUS and Altium NEXUS Server

Altium NEXUS

NEXUS Digitally Transforms Your Electronic Design Process

Collaborative PCB Design

The NEXUS design collaboration panel leverages social interaction between designers to keep team members in sync. Schematic, Layout, MCAD, and PCB multi-board interactions between team members are done using the collaboration panel, and recorded as part of the design history. This not only improves collaboration but also provides a record of why, when, and by whom design decisions were made

Configurable Workflows

NEXUS Process Manager provides a set of pre-defined templates for common workflows including Project Initiation, Part Request, and Design Review. These processes can be used as-is, or easily modified to fit your unique workflow using the visual process editor. New workflows can also be built from scratch with an easy to use “drag & drop” approach.

Library Management

NEXUS includes a configurable component library with standard content. Easily add or import your own components, footprints, symbols, and models to build common libraries that can be shared across a workgroup, team, or entire company with user and role based access control.

Design Data Management

NEXUS strikes the perfect balance of creativity and control for organizations and projects involving multiple people. A configurable design release process is built into NEXUS, assuring appropriate reviews, approvals, and design checks are completed before PCB designs are released to the rest of the organization.

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Download Altium NEXUS and Altium NEXUS Server

Download Altium NEXUS 4.0.9 / Altium NEXUS Server

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Install Altium NEXUS 4.0.9

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