Altium Designer 23.9.2 free download

Altium Designer 23 free download

what is new in Altium Designer 23

PCB Design Improvements

Silkscreen Preparation

To assist in resolving common Design for Manufacture (DFM) issues faced by having silkscreen overlapping exposed copper, holes and board shape, a dedicated feature for preparing the silkscreen for your boards has been implemented in this release. These issues can now be effectively addressed by:

  • automated clipping of silkscreen lines and arcs
  • automated clipping or movement of fills and regions
  • automated movement of silkscreen text and component designators.

Enhanced Net Information UI

The Net Information region of the Properties panel now displays all nets, differential pairs, and xSignals for the selected primitive. You can expand the sections to view all listed information. 

Data Management Improvements

Manage Missing Files

Previously, missing files were removed with a corresponding notification in the Messages panel and the project was marked as modified in the Projects panel. This release includes an enhanced approach to managing files defined within the project file but not found within the project folder. Rather than simply removing references to such files and marking the project as modified, these files are now marked as ‘missing’. They remain defined in the project file and still appear listed in the project’s structure in the Projects panel, but they are now grayed out and have a distinguishing icon.

Creating a Project History Report

A Project History PDF report can now be created for a Workspace project. 

Layer-specific Comments

Support has been added for layer-specific comments on the PCB in 2D. Focusing a comment will auto-switch to the same view the reviewer had (visible layers, active layer, top/bottom view).

Ability to Delete Workspace Repository

A Workspace repository that appears in the Data Management – Design Repositories page of the Preferences dialog after migrating a project managed by an external VCS to the Altium 365 Workspace VCS can now be deleted if the repository has no reference to a Workspace project.

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Download Altium Designer 23

Download Altium Designer 23.9.2

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