Altair HyperWorks Suite 2021.2 (HWDesktop + Solvers)

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Altair HyperWorks

Driving More Design with Simulation

Altair HyperWorks provides easy-to-learn, effective workflows that leverage domain knowledge and increase team productivity, enabling the efficient development of today’s increasingly complex and connected products.


  • Altair HWDesktop + Solvers 2021.1.0 x64
  • Altair HWDesktop Help 2021.1.0 x64
  • Altair HWSolvers Help 2021.1.0 x64
  • Altair Flow Simulator 2021.1.0 x64

Key Features

Fast, Intuitive Workflows

Accelerate product development with new workflows optimized for specific processes including fatigue analysis, concept design optimization, CFD modeling, design exploration, and more.

Manage the Largest Models

Thanks to the efficient assembly management with bi-directional connection to PDM systems, multiple variants and sub-systems can be easily managed within the same model.

Direct FE and Geometry Modeling

Use the intuitive direct modeling capabilities to rapidily create and evaluate design alternatives. Introduce new geometry revisions directly on the existent FE model.

High-fidelity Meshing

Decrease model build time with efficient workflows including: geometry creation and editing, mid-surface extraction, surface meshing and midmeshing, mesh quality correction.

Interactive Morphing

Morphing is no longer an expert-level tool. The easy-to-learn mesh morphing features of HyperWorks brings efficiency to teams working on simulation models early in product development.

Transition on Your Timeline

Both the new and established HyperWorks experiences are available with no loss of existing functionality. All HyperMesh models, scripts, and processes continue to work.

Download Altair HyperWorks Suite 2021

Download Altair HyperWorks Suite 2021

Download Altair HyperWorks Suite 2020 x64

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