Altair Compose 2021.2.0

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Altair Compose

Math, Programming, Data Analysis, and Visualization

Analyzing data, developing algorithms, or creating models – Compose is designed to bring your ideas forward.

Compose is an environment for doing math calculations, manipulating, and visualizing data, programming, and debugging scripts useful for repeated computations and process automation. Compose allows users to perform a wide variety of math operations including linear algebra and matrix manipulations, statistics, differential equations, signal processing, control systems, polynomial fitting, and optimization.

The broad set of native CAE and test result readers accelerates system understanding and works with Altair Activate to support model-based development, for multi-domain and system of systems simulations. Altair Embed completes the model-based design portfolio with automated code generation, allowing for the testing and verification of embedded systems.

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Download Altair Compose 2021.

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