Adobe Substance 3D Designer v11.3.1 windows/ MacOS

Adobe Substance 3D Designer free download

Adobe Substance 3D Designer

With Substance 3D Designer, create seamless materials and patterns, image filters, environment lights, or even 3D models. Each asset can output infinite variations.

Substance 3D Designer is used across many industries and is at the center of most video game and visual effects material pipelines. Substance parametric materials are supported in most 3D creation tools and will integrate seamlessly into any workflow. Send your materials directly to Substance 3D Painter and Stager.

The features in Substance 3D Designer give you complete authoring control for material creation and more

  • Access hundreds of nodes and filters. Create any surface with unique and randomizable noises and patterns.
  • Create parametric lighting stages using procedural lights or 360° photos.
  • Take advantage of Pantone and OpenColorIO support.
  • Create MDL materials with the dedicated shader graph.
  • Send materials and filters to other Substance 3D applications, allowing you to iterate in context with Designer.
  • This graph lets you generate customizable and dynamic 3D models.

Download Adobe Substance 3D Designer v11.3.1 windows/ MacOS

Download Adobe Substance 3D Designer v11.3.1 windows/ MacOS

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